Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Agent O. Range Mission Report from Elevator Antics

0800 . 051607. sunset - Report by Agent O. Range

The Elevator Shenanigan last Saturday was a good ice breaker for the
up and coming "S.F.Shenanigans".

I was in charge of camera. My fangled shopping bag/undercover camera
worked well but needs a few adjustments and some practice with the

I stationed myself and my bag on Floor 4 of the Union Square Macy's
next to a $225 blouse. This made me a bit nervous with my half hour
of loitering and the threat of security cameras.

I was able to snap a few of Agent TheBeast and one okay shot of Agent Shannou and Agent

The trick was to push both the 'up' and the 'down' button for the
elevator and then as the elevator arrived, I acted as if I needed the opposite direction. And not smiling at the other agents was
tricky. :)

The shenanigan was exciting and I managed not to pee my britches in

- Agent O.Range

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