Sunday, May 13, 2007

Agent Report from Agent TheBeast

I met Agent Shannon, Agent O Range, and Agent at the Gold Dust at noon. We got warmed up for the afternoon with a drink or two. After 1/2 an hour or so, I realized I hadn't done my homework and hadn't actually scoped out the elevator(s) that we were targeting. As I got up and declared what I was doing, we realized a potentially fatal flaw. Agent O Range assumed we were targeting the Westfield Center elevators. We cleared up the confusion, and I went to scope the target.

The first thing I noticed was that the elevator took a friggin' long time to show up. When it finally did, I was aghast! It had a "rear exit" door and a floor indicator in the rear. I decided not to let this throw me, and just kept it as a datum to report back to the group. The other thing I noted was the "public telephone" listings on the 3rd and 6th floors, as well as the restaurants in the basement and 8th floors. I then reported my findings back to the group, and we decided to proceed, even though the rear doors might dilute the social aberrance.

Agent O Range had fabricated a fantastic shopping bag and camera combo, so we sent her ahead, and told her to wait on the 4th floor to take pictures. I broke off from Agent Shannon and Agent to circle around from a different entrance.

After a bit of a wait, I entered the elevator with a few other miscellaneous shoppers. I was originally heading from the 1st floor to the 6th floor. I realized that I needed to trigger the doors on the 4th floor as well if Agent O Range was going to have any hope of snapping pictures, but I stumbled when trying to think of a good reason to hit the 4 button when I had already hit 6, and an audience member was watching me. I just decided to be brazen, and make no apologies. My other personal challenge was in positioning myself. Facing the back when standing in the back was easy, but it was too easy on both me and the audience. So, after my first trip I made it a point to be standing backwards at the front of the elevator.

I made probably 5 or 6 round trips. The best audience reaction was when I entered the elevator completely independently from Agent A British gentleman who was leaning on the back of the car looked first at Agent and then me, and said "Oh, I guess we're getting out this way..." When the doors next opened, he said "Oops, I guess you were wrong." before leaving the car.

After our shenanigans were over, we all met back up and decided to go for food. Agent Shannon suggested we do something else on the way to the restaurant, and I suggested the "Hello Game".

We started walking, and spaced ourselves about 1/3 of a block apart with Agent Shannon leading, myself in the middle, and Agent O Range and Agent pulling up the rear. Anyone we crossed paths with audience members, we gave them a warm and cheerful greeting. Agent Shannon was fabulous and turned many heads just from giving her greeting. As the second in line, by the time I gave my greeting the audience members started piecing together the pattern. I used this opportunity to work on my greetings, sometimes incorporating either the "Double Finger Guns" greeting or the "Manly Nod". (I had always wanted to give the "Double Finger Guns" to someone...)

The "Hello Game" was fantastic fun, and we all got to the restaurant feeling quite energized. I think we may have to work the "Hello Game" into the mix yet again!

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shannou said...

'Twas a very successful expedition indeed.